As I am a certified, sworn interpreter for the English language, I am registered in the official Dutch register for sworn interpreters and translators (Rbtv), my number is 235. Through education and training I specialised as an interpreter for civil-law notaries’ offices and as a court interpreter. That is why I can assist you in following situations:

Notary            You need a civil-law notary for the execution of transfer deeds, mortgage deeds, last wills and testaments, prenuptial contracts, cohabitation contracts, articles of association, etc. to validate actions. If your (or your partner’s) Dutch is not good enough,  the notary is obliged to have an interpreter present.   Please contact me, you can be assured of professional services through thorough preparation.  I have ample experience in interpreting in notarial settings and as I make simultaneous interpretation, you can understand everything that is being said.  Where necessary, your documents can be translated into English in advance.

Court               Being a specialised court interpreter, I can assist you in all types of court hearings. Although the public prosecution services provide interpreters for criminal hearings, you yourself have to arrange for an interpreter in other types of court cases, such as family matters, civil cases, etc. With simultaneous interpretation, you can follow everything that is being said. Here again, because of thorough preparation, you can be assured of professional interpretation services.

Meeting        Meetings of any kind can be difficult to follow when you don’t understand the language. Please contact me when you need an interpreter Dutch to English, or English to Dutch. *

Further           Maybe I can assist you in other situations as well, e.g. in general conversations or during product presentation, exhibition openings, etc.   *

Good interpretation depends on thorough preparation and for that reason I always prefer to receive preparation material on the subject well in advance.

*Where interpretation is for more persons, a tour guide/interpreter system may be advisable and can be provided.