I am a certified, sworn translator for the English language, and am registered in the official Dutch register for sworn interpreters and translators (Rbtv), my number is 235. You may expect high-quality, professional translations. Examples of documents that I can translate for you:

–          certificates, driving licences, residence permits, statements of conduct, various other documents such as birth certificates, etc.;

–          notarial deeds (prenuptial contracts, cohabitation contracts, last wills and testaments, articles of incorporation, etc.);

–          summons, pleadings, exhibits;

–          Letters patent, patent claims;

–          bank statements, employment agreements, terms of employment, proxies;

–          other, general texts.

Sworn translations are provided with a certification, signature and stamp. When you need a sworn translation, please provide me with a good quality copy of the original text. Sworn translations are always paper translations, where the source text will be inextricably attached to the translation.

Sometimes the signature needs to be legalised.  This can often be done by an “apostille”, sometimes the “long” route needs to be taken (from the district court via the ministry of security and justice to the ministry of foreign affairs).

Where an “apostille” would be sufficient I can arrange this, at cost price.

Proofreading and corrections of translations are also possible.